Innovative Powers at your disposal

Innovative power at your disposals

A godly life that emanates from experience is better than that created by the written word on paper. Innovation comes via understanding and understanding confers mastery. Every kingdom means of working wonders are innovations developed by men of God through their understanding of the work of Christ. They are men’s innovation that God adopted or associated with. (Picture on how to reduce coal consumption and still enjoy same flow of energy. source (anonymous))

Tithe: Abraham thought if he had to acknowledge any King using the 10th of all things then it must be the king of the land he truly belonged to. God adopted this practice in the old testament.

Use of mantle: I believe the understanding of the deed of Elisa and the woman with the issue of blood led to this. Elisa struck the river with the mantle and said ‘where is the God of Elijah’ following which the river parted. Woman with the issue of blood said if only I can touch the helm of his garment.

Calling God by human’s name: This was God’s first recognised name among men. He, the creator, was not really known (by the created); when they would know him, they called him by the name of Abraham and God adopted the name and even extended it to the next two generations. Elisha called forth the replication of Elijah’s kind of miracle by calling God the God of Elijah

Use of anointing oil: By understanding, impartation of the spirit conferred with the use of oil.

The same thing goes for Praise and worship in church, the different types of offerings etc.

Two ways to harness the innovative power

(picture source- You can create your own way of approaching God, doing miracles, achieving a spiritual task either by

  1. emulating those practising it or
  2. through the breath of Holy spirit create your own.

Make it easier to live a godly life by being innovative

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