A better kind of faith in hopeless conditions

This is the continuation of ‘When your best is not enough’

After several failed attempts, the disciples of Jesus came to him with the hope of having their faith increased. However he explained to them that, to achieve result, that will be a long way to go (as it comes through much labour which they may not eventually get); all they just needed to do was to switch to small faith strategy.

There was a man that has exerted all his energy, all to no avail; Jesus said to him, sell all you have, give to the poor and follow me and then what you want is yours. He also said to Peter, after he toiled through the night, launch to the deep. The first man went away not believing, but peter said nevertheless at your word and he got his miracle.

It is unwise (an abuse of spiritual prowess) to follow the path of graded faith when you can use small faith. Jesus said the disciples do not need to fast when the husband man is around but when he leaves, they can fast. And when is that time that God is closest to you- that is when all hope is lost.

Jesus is in heaven but from the scripture we understand the prophets of God can provide such coverage; example is the widow of Zarephath who followed the instruction of Elijah. And in our present world, we also have our men of God.

The key is simple, it is to seek the man of God to speak the word into your life and run with it. It could be while the sermon is on or while reading books or when you physically present before them. An example is one of the testimonies on this platform.

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Sunkanmi VAUGHAN
1 year ago

Good evening sir ,
I trust that you are doing great and all is well with your health and family.
I saw your free offer of marriage counselling on nairaland.
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Sunkanmi Vaughan.
Founder, FreeStuffsNg.com

Elizabeth Hungbo
Elizabeth Hungbo
1 year ago

After reading this article, it didn’t just boost the faith I had, it made me believe no matter what I might be going through my faith and the Word of God will keep me God. This link was share to me and I can say it has indeed blessed me.
Thank you for sharing this with us, more grace

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