Application of hope and trust in life situations

What are life situations?

They are our everyday life. We understand that every day is filled with challenges; to say otherwise is to be ignorant.  It may be when you have an exam ahead or you are about to go into something like marriage etc.

When faced with life situation, set your hope on God; while you do that, do not just sit down, start gathering strength and wait for God to guide. This may mean that you retreat to re-strategize; Abraham, trusting God, went ahead and move to Egypt in the time of famine.

Never allow yourself to be boxed into a corner

Psalm 23:4 ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me…’.

You can get stuck in two ways

  • When you lean on your understanding: This is when by your calculation, all is well, and you do not need God. This is underestimating what you are faced with. Many battles have been lost because of this. The bible says David encouraged himself in the Lord and he won the battle.
  • Why your hands are folded for too long: Trust in God is not a dying minutes’ weapon because at that time it is almost useless. It is what you build over time. Trust is to be established before a programme start (not when you are about to write exam), and before you move (not when you find yourself in trouble).


Cultivate a life of trust in God, then you will cope with life tests and not be boxed into a corner in life.

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