Asking to receive from God (Prayer)

The ability to gainfully communicate with God is a skill we all need to covet. Godly people that understand this are known never to desist from the presence of God.

Praying is intentional affirmation (affirmative proclamation) of the will of God in our lives. It is more than asking.

Be responsive in your asking (How to display consistency and perseverance).

Even though you ask the same thing at different times. Thank him for what he has done- the changes you have seen no matter how minute. Then rephrase a new state of things- new issue that resulted, what has not been touched etc. in that way, you request even though towards the same end is never the same but always fresh.

If your request makes no sense to you then it is most likely it is not clear to God (what God hears is how much you understand the situation you are in; most times we still cannot express it well in word, the spirit does that for us. **your tongue is just as good as your understanding). A repeated request is uninteresting, boring, lifeless, and faithless. It simply means nothing has been done. If only you can look harder, you will see.

What follows asking is interaction and further communication- lord I need my sight; what do you see- I see men like tree; what do you see now- I see men as men. Repeated asking is not perseverance but forgetfulness- only a man with dementia ask thing repeatedly (not conscious of the fact that he just did).

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