Serving God is the key to the covering of God over you. God has so many things in stock for you, but He can only lavish them on you when you serve him. Immediately you make up your mind to consciously serve God then you have entered his covenant that gives him the right over your life so that he will do what only him can do.

Serving God sets the ground for the covering of God in our lives. There are two special blessings God desires to give us, but we are not just ready for them. He wants you to

  • enjoy natural increase in life
  • have peace round about.

But these cannot stay in your life except your daily bread and water are blessed, a privilege that is only available via the platform of service unto God (Exodus 23:25-28).

Daily bread is so important that it is included in our Lord’s prayer. It is meant to vitalise our body and make sickness far from us (that is he want to give us sound health, internal security, wisdom to cope with the different tasks of life etc). Even if what you have is little, he wants you to feel filled with it just the way Elijah was filled for 40 days with just one meal (1 King 19:8). He wants it to be sufficient to supply all you truly need like he did with Daniel who while on beans alone was more productive.

Further readings: Easiest ‘ways’ to serve God acceptably- Part A and Part B

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1 year ago

Lord grant me the grace to serve you consistently, Amen.

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