Discover the 4 worship materials you need

It is so surprising that many are not utilizing the power in some mysteries in the Bible. Worship is one of these mysteries.

Worship is acknowledging God. The distance between the physical and the spiritual is immeasurable; worship creates a ‘brainwash’ that conditions our mind and make God closer and realer. A great man of God (Enoch Adeboye) explained that worship keeps us in constant remembrance of who God is; therefore, we need it more than God does.  

Worship puts us in the realm of the spiritual, making the realities of God more visible to us. A great worshiper (Darlene Zschech) said in a YouTube video that ‘worship creates handles, it (or that) gives us ways to grab hold (the understanding) of the word of God so that when scriptures comes alive in us and we declare it, we can find ourselves soaring above any circumstance that may come our ways’.

Worship is just as easy as repetitive paying obeisance, and you do that by repeating his names. Here is some list of names (materials) that you can use to be effective in your personal worship.

  1. What is God: Generally, He is the supreme being, the creator of Heaven and earth, the ruler. And in the Bible, he is Elohim, Elshadai, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, etc
  2. What is God to you: This involves how you have experienced Him- personal experience. Counting your blessings is the answer to this question- if you pass exam then God is the giver of success (He is my father etc). This is a more powerful and more relatable name than any other name of God to you. Calling him these names is a worship that flows from within your being.
  3. You can also use testimonies of others e.g., God gave someone success, then he is a loving father that makes goodly things the heritage of his children.
  4. Repeat of established worship lines or pattern. Lists of spiritual songs- it is amazing how worship has transients from mere paying obeisance to pouring out of once heart before God. Spiritual worship songs are understanding of others about God. Have a list of these and use them in your worship.

In summary, Worship is a way of acknowledging the sovereignty and importance of God and there is no better way to do it than by acknowledging his presence in your life.

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