Easy (but potent) souls winning method

Easy (but potent) souls winning method

Many desire to win souls for God because of its benefits, but despite their efforts, they still do not have fruits. I am bold to say I am a successful soul winner. I am going to show you the easiest method to be one and guess what! It is biblical.

It does not require much knowledge (you do not even have to carry bible); therefore, you need no preparation for antagonism because all bulk will be passed directly to God. The best part of it is that the person will not even realise when you ‘hit hard’ on him or her.

The secret is to change your message

Evangelism is marketing. If you can market a product then you can win soul for God. This is evangelism by pointing. You are just like a signpost and you are directing people to God

A marketer has a developed product. Most people evangelise without a product. Jesus is not a product; His name is rather a mechanism and mechanisms are always hidden.

I tell you what a product is

  1. You could be a product.  ‘This was who I used to be before, this is who I am now’ and this was what I did (Just like the Samaritan woman).  A wonderful way of branding yourself as product is via this link.
  2. Characteristic testimony from your church could also be a product that you are marketing ‘I like to invite you to my church; it is the solution centre for this kind of problem’.

People cannot see Jesus, but they can verify the proof of His changing power in you and in your church.

Someone will say how will they get saved

Leave that to God; once they are in His presence, He claims whom He wishes (Matthew 22:1-14).

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1 year ago

Thank you for this insight

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