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    I want to thank God for changing my story and giving me the privilege to progress in my life. I have written an exam twice but did not make the cut-off mark and I gave up trying even though hoping for a miracle.
    My story took a new turn, on a Sunday morning, after listening to the testimony of someone that sat for the same exam and passed. Sunday message followed thereafter and the Pastor while making reference to the testimony said (going by the church theme of that month) that the time was right for us to launch into the deep again and retry everything that had proven difficult in our lives.
    Standing on that same word, I summoned courage, put in for the exam again. This time around the time for preparation was so short (because I did not want the season to pass before I write it) but I put all my trust in God.
    To the glory of God and the shame of devil, the result was released, and I passed. Indeed, there is power in the word of God.

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