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    Hallelujah to the Lord in highest, I believed God for a suitable house. I engaged in prayer and fasting from time to time and also engaged my children in prayers, it became a concern to me because the house of my choice was not coming forth. I continued search
    ing and viewing to the point where I was ready to take a house that did not have schools nearby, because I was desperate a friend of mine had told me to go to one of the houses I liked to pray I did for a while just whenever I passed there I stopped and prayed. God finally answered my prayers with a house in Colchester where I can be close to my family with schools close by. I’m sharing this to let us know that God always prepares what he knows is best for us and gives us to at the right time when we least expect. When it was time and the right place everything happened faster than I thought it could to the glory of God! Believe and you will receive!

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