I saw who would make heaven (in a trance)- 27/12/2020

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    I was in a trance during which I witnessed a selection process, there were two categories of people—among the chosen; some were actually consistent from the beginning while some (I would say) were fortunate.
    I could see a particular strand of people that were selected. It seemed as if there was no way forward but through inspiration some persons were innovative and by the virtue of being innovative a channel with many tributaries linking to it formed and through that many who were not worthy before gained access.
    Then the holy spirit explained to me that many will be caught up at the second coming of Christ not because they have been consistent but because they are able to jump into the river when there is a swinging (by plunging into a privileged instruction channel). The HS said Jesus will only recognise (and attract) those that fall on the path, which means if you are not consistent and are not fortunate whatever you have done will be nothing.
    In Noah’s days, beings (human and animals) were not saved because they were worthy but because the found their ways to the ark either wilfully or unwillingly.
    Please never play with spiritual coverings, what this simply means is by following spiritual instruction from the mouth of a man of God you could make heaven and beyond that, you can also secure the covering for your family too. No wonder there is a strong wave of criticism against men of God these days.
    God bless you.

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