Getting yields from your giving

Giving is one of the avenues through which you can invest your money.

However, if the reward you seek is that of God, then you must give rightly (Matthew 6:2). According to the Bible, he that pities the poor helps the lord and the lord will repay him with a superior currency, for God’s blessing is a pressed down, shaken together and running over blessing (Proverbs 19:17 & Luke 6:27 both paraphrased).

The questions are; where is your giving going (is it to help the poor?) and are you giving rightly? Many no longer believe in giving, in church, as they seemed not to be getting results. This is probably because their giving is not directed rightly and therefore not recognised by God. Real givers will tell you that proceeds from giving depends on what path it is channelled.

Giving in church is one of the avenues of blessing the needy. The truth is if you don’t know how to sow your seed, take it to church where there are good channels through which you can be sure you are giving rightly. In Jesus’ parable, that master asked the foolish servant why he could not take his money to bank so that there will be interest (Luke 19:23).

To get the best from your giving which include sense of fulfilment; you first need to understand who your neighbour is. Then, develop a purpose and channel your giving towards it however, every opportunity to give in the church should be maximized (giving in church is already a blessed channel).

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