Giving with understanding in church

There are some that believe giving should be with the mind of not receiving anything back in return. This is a teaching that is shallow, boastful, baseless, and not biblical. I like to call it giving without understanding.

Giving without understanding leads to frustration and that explains why some for one reason or the other stopped giving in church today. Giving was designed to be a lifestyle, not an obligation; hence the reason God fashioned the running of Israel in a way in which every citizen gives all year round in form of offerings, sacrifices, and tithes.

He that pities the poor helps the lord and the lord will repay him with a superior currency, for God’s blessing is a pressed down, shake together and running over blessing. This means if you want better returns on your funds, start giving rightly by seizing every opportunity to give to support the kingdom (Matthew 6: 33).

Giving, to those with understanding, is wisdom of God for our blessing. God is never a user but a rewarder. A man of God says God does not need you for anything rather you need God for everything. Giving is a platform (a privileged opportunity) to receive bountifully from God.

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1 year ago

This is interesting

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