How to be productive with your trust in God

Trust and hope are what we do many times in our daily living. It is important to understand that these are two different ‘faith’ terminologies. Understanding these will allow us to know how and when to apply them.


Trust is one word that comes easily to believers in statements like ‘I will put my trust in God’, ‘we are trusting God’ etc.

Many uses it when they are hopeless, and they do not know the way forward. However, this is different from trust as used in the bible. Isaiah 12: 2 ‘…I will trust and not be afraid…’ and another one is Proverb 3:5 ‘Trust in the Lord; and lean not on your own understanding’. From these two verses among others, ‘being not afraid’ follows trust; and waiting for God’s direction while there are glaring options to take is trust’.

Trust is a two-way force (fearlessly challenging the present and forceful forging ahead). Trusting in God does not mean that one will wait (lay quietly) expecting God to intervene while the enemy is busy carrying out his devastating exercise. For example, we see in the bible how Goliath became astonished by the fearlessness of David.

What is hope?

While trust is daring, hope is passive, it is a non-shouting form of faith. It has nothing to say but never gives up. In Hope, there is a constant fear of the situation but being rest assured of God’s faithfulness you are lingering.

An example of this is seen in Job who, though, always conscious of his fears, held unto God who was able to save him. It is the very least you can do; you are never meant to stay hoping (not for too long) but you are to progress to trust.

It is a level of faith that gives you strength to linger, another example is Saul who, though could not face Goliath, did not lose faith; and this gave him the strength to wait till salvation came. To hope is a decision but trust is a force.


Appropriateness and timeliness (rightful application) of our hope and trust in God determines how well we will cope with our daily lives,

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