How to show love to God.

Showing love to God is the most important of the laws while the second one (love to neighbour) is its subset. Reason for this is you cannot truly understand who your neighbour is until you truly know the heart of God, which is why if there is anything you should first get right then it should be your love for God.

The man David (in the bible) might not be right in many things but one thing he consistently got right was loving God and he was described as a man after God’s heart. How does being after God’s heart translates to love for God? This is what we will be discussing.

After my heart

The heart of God is the burning desire of God. Loving God stems from understanding the desire of God and associating fully with it.

Associating with it (God’s desire) means to recognise and celebrate it in whosoever’s life you see it, support this course through every possible means even if you must make sacrifice.


Jesus told Peter that he would need to show his love to God by feeding his lamb.

Caleb consistently honoured God’s anointing in Moses and he was decorated by God.

Abraham honoured Melchizedek by giving him tithe of all things.

David never saw Saul as rival but saw it as  a privilege to be of service to him and having the understanding of God’s anointing over Saul, he cherished the anointing so much that he took it upon himself to face Goliath (for God and him) when no one dared.

Does this mean ‘worship men of God’?

The answer is No. But at the same time, you cannot separate the anointing from the man that carries it. Therefore David, even though had the chance to kill Saul, could not touch him because he was carrying God’s anointing.

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