Methods of recognising God’s will

Useful quotes

‘Not all that appears good is right for you’.

‘The fact that a door is shut does not mean there is no space for you to pass through’.

‘Every open door is not meant to be taken. Satan himself often opens counterfeit doors and many Christians have lost their already possessed blessings (money or even their lives) foolishly while trying to go through them’.

‘Never move except God gives the go ahead and once he gives the go ahead, never stop until all is achieved’.

Reported means of knowing God’s mind

This is different from hearing God’s voice. This is about knowing his word as regards every issue in life. Hearing God’s voice may be difficult but as a new-born baby in Christ you can know God’s mind even from day 1. These ways are.

By Signs: These are feelings, dreams, or the revelation of the mind of God through the people or circumstances around you. It could be before or when the need arises. It depends on how God has primed your spirit which you have to be sensitive to. Signs could as well be in form of audible voice.

By understanding: This is just like the first one, but it is by faith. Abraham needed no waiting when he heard a righteous man was held captive. He pursued and conquered. David knew Saul’s death must never be through his hand because he was anointed by God.

By Prayer: This is usually when it seems as if God is far. David had lost hope (but he encouraged himself through prayer) he sought and found God. A learnt way of doing this is to speak in tongue while one’s mind is fixed on the matter. The usual thing is, he will drop his opinion in your spirit. This is the last resort and it never fails

It is OK to fall and rise

**All these 3 methods require continuous sharpening, that is, the more you walk by them the better you are at knowing God’s mind. Just like a child that is learning to walk, it is normal not to hear clearly and make mistakes but with time you will master the act of knowing God’s mind.

It helps by experience to learn to share your wisdom with another person, this can help compensate for your lack of experience.

It pays to understand God’s mind

If you do not allow God to caution you, life will naturally do that but that could be disastrous. Life caution comes in form of failure, delay, and disappointment. It is not in the plan of God for us to experience these; they only come when we have missed God’s mind, when we hoped while we were supposed to be contented, when we go for the juiciest path while the right path is the unappealing one.

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