Our needs in prayer

Need necessitates prayer therefore the propelling force for continuous prayer is an unquenchable need. Jesus’ need (actualization of church on earth) surpassed what his time on earth could allow; therefore, there was no end to his time with God.

Needs are in categories, and each dictates the type of love to God we display. And just like faith, it is not all love to God that lasts. David’s love even after death was recognised by God but because Solomon’s need was myopic, it was easy to desist from praying and forget God.

Your need determines your choices in life. Jesus’ only prayer request was ‘let your will be done’ and he willingly surrender his life to God, David’s utmost desire was to build house for God (he did all to get the ark into the city of David because God will not stay in house made by man but the ark will), Abraham’s wanted a land built by God (that informed (the fruit) his payment of tithe to Melchizedek; he could see the land in Melchizedek – he chose to associate with it).

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