Overcoming devils schemes

Jesus faced Satan’s test; we therefore have no reason to be tempted by him again (the authenticity of our salvation has already been proved). The temptation of Satan is such that is unbearable for man – he pushes until he gets a fall.

We are therefore not under Satan’s radar and we have no further business with him. However, we can be entangled in his scheme through our carnal mind. Carnal mind is devil’s creation – he created it in his mind and sold it to man -, he can relate with it at will.

This explains why he could desire to sieve any man because we often display carnality. Every forms of carnality we display increases our vulnerability to his scheme and its result (sin & evil). Genesis 4: 6-7

This vulnerability can be reduced when we put on the armour of God. The armour of God, unlike popular belief, is not a wall or protection from evil but ‘a’ spiritual understanding that is able to quench the scheme of devil. It does not protect or build immunity rather it detects and kills the advances of devil’s scheme. Its efficiency was related to a complete set of armour.

Spiritual understanding comes through the word of God. The bible says receive ye the engrafted word which can save your soul. The word of God is like the fruit of the tree of life whose content keeps changing daily tailored to our timely needs. Psalm 1:1-2

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