The concept of Church

What is church

Church is the English language translation of the Greek words for ‘assembly of God’s children’.

The church, according to the bible is more than a gathering, it is an organised community where through the power of God, members are edified and enabled for productive on earth. Going by this, every practice in church is (and should be) for our edification therefore we are not to avoid them for our own sake.

The church is the wisdom of God for the performance of God’s will on earth. ‘Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’.

A church is the subset of the body of Christ

The body of Christ is a big fold of God’s children worldwide with Christ as the head but within it you have different communities (folds). The shepherd of the big fold is Jesus while the shepherds of the small folds (churches) are pastors. The essence of the church (which is the duty of the pastor) is the gathering of souls but before then there must be equipping and re-equipping of saints to make this task possible.

Pastors’ visions for churches

Church idea is God’s wisdom given to his children. These ideas come in form of gifts- could be of teaching, healing etc. And from that moment onward it becomes their duty what they do with it but what God wants are abiding souls.

God loves and rewards those that are creative with his ideas; he rewards them even while on earth with more talents.

Church business

 Many people pick offence with pastors because they run church as one-man business but let’s see what the bible (Luke 19:12-26) says about that. In this passage, the servants were told to trade with their talents

Church ideas share similarities with business ideas; it is just that their pathways are different. In a normal business, you trade with money (aiming to reach the affluent) so as to make more money but in church business, you go for the destitute, the hopeless and by being creative with your God’s  given idea (via the understanding of the word) they are raised into giants (labourers).

Every principle of management applies in the running of a church and yes it is a one-man business (so long the visioner is still alive) because it is entrusted into his hands and he is going to give account.

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