Understanding the forms of giving in church

** It is recommended you read giving with understanding in church first

God loves givers and He encourages a giving lifestyle that is well organized. This explains why there were different packages of forms of giving that were introduced in the law (old testament). Understanding of each will help us to be productive with our giving.

Each time you give in church, you are just like a farmer that sowed and the quantity and quality of your produce or harvest is dependent on your understanding of farming.

Every giving should have a name, otherwise it will not be acceptable. This is shown in the approaches of Cain and Abel while making sacrifice to God. Abel labelled his own but that of Cain was without identity hence the reason for the response of God to each.

Each form of giving in the bible is with identifiable significance and attached blessing; each is for a particular purpose, details are as shown below

More info on offering is via this link

More info on tithe is via this link

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