What to do when you are confused

Confusion is when you are gripped with fear of uncertainty- it could be you are about to go in for exam or you are expecting result, may be you just realised you have disappointed God or when you are overpowered by temptation etc. It simply means when you are not certain of how to move forward.

We have seen that different kinds of prayers are requested for different situations. God will always tell the Israelites to change strategy when the right one is not being used.

Speaking in tongues is our quickened spirit communing directly with the Father using the appropriate timely strategy for the situation we are passing through.

Therefore, the key to coping at these times is speaking in tongues and it has been proven to be effective. There is a specific response to every situation but when we are not certain, the best thing is to speak in tongues (HS speaks the right word for God).

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