When your best is not enough

In the book titled ‘Bible cell’ (page 10-13), I explained what graded and small faiths are. Graded (gateway) faiths are more like knowledge which could either be physical or spiritual while small (doing) faith is the action faith.

There are times in which despite all we have put in, despite our knowledge or endowment, and reliance (hopes and trust) on God, we are still found wanting. I am going to tell you exactly what happened

The delivery of our trust in God is still subject to our level of fortification and that is because trust goes with graded faith. An example is this, while you are trusting God to pass an exam, you devote yourself to studying and God will bless your effort. Sometimes, when our blessed bests are just not enough, we do not get desired result. Now! That is what I referred to as being boxed into a corner. That is when the strength of your faith (knowledge/endowment upon which your trust stands) is little (not strong enough to withstand the pressure). An example is when your strength is failing, and you are dying; or you are told you have few days to live.

Way out- switch to small faith

Change your strategy, lean completely on God. A small faith is not the same as little faith. Little faith cannot achieve anything, but a small faith can achieve everything even to the extent of shaking the foundation of the earth. The disciples only had issues with delivery of faith (little and great) when they were trying to use their own authorities but when they stood on that of Jesus even the devil bowed to them. With small faith you do not need anything (your level of knowledge does not matter), you just need to believe and the whole world will move for you. The bible says against hope, Abraham believed in hope (which is the word of God).

How to switch to small faith- to be continued.

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