Who is my neighbour?

Everything about morality hinges on ‘love thy neighbour as thy self’. This law of morality coupled with our conscience exposes our incapability to be godly. By our will and strength, we cannot be godly and aside from this ‘is it really practicable to help everyone that comes across our ways?’

This brings us back to the golden question- ‘who is my neighbour?’

Our Lord Jesus Christ gave answer to this and to proceed we really need to understand his answer.

Your neighbour is everyone around you and what you owe them is respect- do not make them feel less of human (that does not mean you go out of your way to help them). Even though showing this feels like nothing (like crumps), it means a lot to some.

Your special neighbour– that was what the question was referring to. When you see them prove yourself worthy of being their neighbour. Who are these people- they are the less privileged in God’s house!

They do not have friends or helper therefore God has adopted them and whoever gives to them render service to God.

Your neighbour is not common- unlike what some say that everyone is your neighbour

You encounter your neighbour- you feel a necessity (not a compulsion, not an urge and that is why it is still by choice)

The question is ‘have you suddenly been moved with compassion for anyone before?’ Then go and practice your ‘neighbourship’ with such a one

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1 year ago
Reply to  tosin

Thank God for such platforms as this, I hope more people become aware of the need to know who the neighbour is. The story of the good Samaritan says it all. You do not have to be a clergy or have any particular status too. Let’s go and practice “neighbourship”

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