Why did God allow man to fall?

Many are of the opinion that God, being God, that knows the beginning from the end should have sensed and avert the deception of man before it happened. From the book of Job, we could see that He has the power to make anything impenetrable to Satan. God could have kept man to himself, but he made an open display of him such that Devil (a thief) desired him and wanted him for himself.

Inevitable but foreknown

If Adam had not fall, there might not be need for Jesus; yet in 1 Peter 1:20 we understood that Jesus was crucified from the foundation of the world (that is before the beginning). We also got to know, by revelation, that Satan ensured that God put the forbidden tree in the garden of Eden. The fall of man was a foreseen inevitable possibility to God. I will say man met with a crash he could never have survived but God had already provided an almighty formula to solve such occurrence before the foundation of earth.

A door was left open.

That sounds like the story of Job. No one knows the number of years Adam’s life was untouchable. Adam was impenetrable until there was a tree and an Eve to eat it – my guess! Satan challenged God (just the way he did with Job’s case). Up until this time in ‘the beginning’, Adam was a man that knew not what desire was until something went missing in him. He found that thing in Eve but she was not like him for she had desires (just like the devil).

Presumed reason for Satan’s envy

The first Adam was just like a part of God- he had a role. Can you imagine, God did not give names to the creations but rather they were presented to him and he named them. Sounds to me like even though not part of the Godhead he had a role- there was a part of God that was committed into his hands just the way God declares, and HS performs. To further corroborate this, the third person in the Godhead was officially recognised after the last Adam defeated the devil.

So, it was not like devil was toiling with God’s toy of worship rather his intention was to steal that part of God that man had; hence, the reason he became the accuser of man

Why then did God punish man?

God came to search for him but instead of hearing his voice, God heard a carnal voice – a voice that is only associated with what He had judged (Genesis 3:12). Carnality stand cursed anywhere God sees it hence the punishment for man. A carnal/empty man was not what God made. Carnality is the creation of Satan (Isaiah 14:13, Genesis 3:5).

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