Why did God create Satan?

Satan is just like the word Adam; it is not a name but an office. The office was a creation of God’s wisdom for our salvation. Quite unlike what we used to think, that Lucifer was a misnomer of creation; he is not! The creation was too well planned to give room for any mistake. The bible says the earth was created by wisdom and the heavens were established by understanding.

Before we continue, I will like you to think about the following: For Jesus to be crucified, there was a great need for the office of a betrayer. If not for the post of Eve that was created Adam might not have fell. Just the way those were, for there to be humans (likeness of God) who will worship God in spirit and in truth (not as ‘dummies’) there was a need for the post of an accuser of brethren (the office of Satan) One thing about the office is that it has power and glory, whoever sits on it will be vested with vices.

How did Lucifer become Satan

Offices or posts are usually tempting, and many are usually in line to contend for it.

I will like you to consider this – amidst the twelve disciples, Jesus did not know who the head or the betrayer will be. Those were juicy offices which two of them will have to fit into. But by work, Peter seems to have the tendency to be the head, Jesus prayed for him and put his hope on him while Judas seemed to be the betrayer, Jesus encouraged him indirectly knowing that it was the will of God.

Likewise, for there to be men that can worship God in spirit and in truth, God had to allow for a space of office vested with power and wisdom that can contend His. He also created beings that have the capacity and autonomy to ascend to such office. Amidst those beings (His potential enemies), he loved one specially and committed into his hand His pleasure.

Lucifer had the capacity and tendency to take the office. The office looked juicy, he saw that whoever sits on it will have wisdom of a god and he went for it and met his doom.

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